Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rookie Run 2010

We took Daulton to the Rookie Run in downtown Indianapolis. The run is a part of the 500 Festival that goes on during the month of May in Indy. It was a great event and Daulton had a blast.

Matt and I were very impressed with the level of security at the festival. The volunteers and security team were dedicated to making sure each child was safe and with the appropriate adult. It was hard to let go of his little hand so he could run the race but knowing the level of security present, I managed to let go so he could run a quarter mile. (His race was at 2 PM and we had been there since 11 AM. I was hot and I love the kid, but was not running a quarter of a mile.)

Daulton got to take his picture with a few mascots, do a pit stop challenge, and run his race.  Note the tongue sticking out in the 4-point stance.


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