Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

While I Was Sleeping

I took today off to hang out with Matt and Daulton.  We saw Yogi Bear in 3D and when we got home I decided to take a nap.  I left the boys outside to play in the garage and snow.  When I woke up, this is what I had to clean up.

Apparently his dad let him play with spray paint.  Yes, I said spray paint.  I know I said spray paint because Matt had to say it twice to me because I was hoping I didn't hear him correctly the first time he said it. 

The next time I want to take a nap, I am hiding the spray paint.


Friday, December 10, 2010


You may not have known this, but I am a painter.  I didn't know I could paint either, but apparently, if you give me a little bit of instruction and some wine... Voila!  Art is made.

Yes, I made that.

I had an opportunity to catch up with some old friends at Wine and Canvas in Indianapolis a few weeks ago.  I had never done it before but was assured by my friends that I could do it and there were professionals to help out if I was really bad.

I had also convinced myself that surely this would be a paint by numbers situation and would not involve any kind of work, other than filling in the blanks.  I was wrong.

Once you sign in, they give you a blank canvas, a paper plate filled with paint, and some brushes in a cup of water.   After my friend Alison and I checked in and saw the blank canvases we had to work with, we immediately went back to the bar and ordered some wine.  After a few minutes of instruction and some wine, this is what I had accomplished.

A few things I want to point out:

  • If you notice the top of the canvas is blank.  Proof I did all of this myself.
  • White paint is the best thing ever as you can make mistakes and then cover them up with white paint so its like they never happened.
  • If you think drawing a straight line is difficult, try painting a straight line... while drinking wine.
  • Drinking wine while painting causes you to stop thinking about things like turning the flash on when you take a picture of your progress. Sorry.

Here is my friend Alison, hard at work on her painting.

    Some of our other friends working on their paintings...

    Yours truly getting my art on...

    And finally, my friends and I with our masterpieces!

    I love that our paintings our different and yet similar.  You can see the sample we were following posted on the wall.

    This was so much fun and for $35 you create a piece of artwork and enjoy time with friends.  It was also really relaxing to become so focused on finding the right shade of blue or drawing your line just right.

    I highly recommend Wine and Canvas and I will definitely be going back!


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