Sunday, February 27, 2011

The End of a Great Weekend

We had a busy and fun filled weekend.  My cousins came over and we had a great time catching up and reminiscing.  They came over on Friday night and Saturday morning came a little early.  After burning the cinnamon rolls (sorry) we took the kids to Jump-N-Play in Avon.

If you've never been to Jump-N-Play, its an open space with 4 or 5 huge inflatables.  You pay your $5, take the kids shoes off, and then let them run free.  To say the kids had fun is an understatement.  I tried to take pictures, but the kids were moving too fast.  The pictures don't show it, but there was a third child with us but I have no pictures of him because he was too busy running from place to place to be bothered with slowing down so I could take his picture.

Today, Matt, Daulton and I went to the Pacers game.  We got tickets through the Indianapolis Chi Omega Alumnae group I am involved with and we got t-shirts and lunch out of the deal.  Even though the Pacers didn't win, we had a great time and it was a good game.

It was also Boomer's birthday (Boomer is the Pacers mascot) and a few other mascots came out to help him celebrate.  The mascots were hilarious and put on a great show.  The video below is of their halftime show and while you can't hear the music, you can see how funny they were.

It was a great weekend and one we hope to duplicate in the future!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowpocalypse - Racing

I lied, my last post was not the end of the Snowpocalypse postings.  Matt and Daulton made a video of how they spent their time during Snowpocalypse.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowpocalypse - The End

I lost track of the days during Snowpocalypse.  Once the snow stopped on Saturday, Matt and Daulton got the walkway and part of the driveway cleared.  Dixie and I joined the boys outside, after the work was finished of course, and all I can say about the snow is that its very deceiving.  You think you can walk on it and you take about 5 steps before you hit the ice and down you go.  On the flip side, the snow does provide some extra cushioning.

I also had a chance to bond with the neighbors as we all had to push the mail lady's truck through the snow and ice after she got stuck.  And for the record, fall number 7 happened in front of my next door neighbors.  They were nice enough to ask if I was okay and once again, my pride suffered the most damage.  I would also like it noted that I did help push the truck out of the snow.

The nice thing about Saturday was that I wasn't the only one falling down.  My total fall count for Snowpocalypse is 10.  Daulton thought it was pretty funny to fall down and most of his falls were self-inflicted.  At one point, Daulton and I fell down at the exact same time.  We both looked at each other, on our butts in the snow and started laughing.

After a brief snowball fight it was time to head inside.  But not before Matt went down while dodging a snowball.  Matt is quick on his feet and has more balance than Daulton and I combined.  Daulton and I were laughing hysterically and even Matt thought it was pretty funny.

The boys attempted to play a little snow baseball but I think Daulton was confused because this looks more like a jump shot than a pitch.

I am happy Snowpocalypse is over and I think we are all going to appreciate the warmer weather once its comes around.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse - Day Two

We survived day two of Snowpocalypse...barely.  Dixie has no clue what to do on the snow and ice.  She was sliding all over the place and refused to go to the bathroom.  I tried once, Matt tried, and I refuse to let her pee in the house so I took her out for a third time.

The third time is not the charm and the trouble began.  The yard and driveway is a thick sheet of ice.  We managed to make it to the side yard and I was hoping Dixie would do her business there.  No such luck so we baby stepped a little further.  No luck.  A few more baby steps, but still nothing.  Before I knew it, we had made it all the way to the end of the house which wouldn't have been a problem except for that's where the downward slope starts.

It was all over for me once we hit the slope.  In the 5 minutes it took me to cover 15 feet, I fell 4 times.  I landed on both wrists, both cheeks (I'm not talking about my face) and even managed to fall on my side (I have no idea who I pulled that off).  The first 2 falls were at the top of the slope.  After fall #2, as I lay on my back wondering if I was still alive I realized that I wasn't going to make it back up the slope the way I came.  So I did what anyone else would do in this situation.  I let the dog pull me down to the bottom on my bottom. 

I blame Dixie for 2 of my falls.  She pulled me, I lost my balance and down I went.  The other 2 falls are a result of my lack of balance.  I tried taking her out this evening and fell down 2 more times.

In case math isn't your strong suit, that's a total of 6 falls for me today.

My pride suffered most of the damage.  My butt, back, and wrists are sore as well with my wrists being the most sore.  And while we haven't discussed it yet, I'm done taking the dog out on the ice and its now Matt's responsibility.  I have clearly proved that I can't stay on my feet and I get pretty whiny when I am hurt, so its in everyone's best interest for me to stay indoors.

On a more positive note, Matt was able to get into his car.  He had to use a small hammer to chip away the ice.  We tried to take a picture to show the thickness of the ice, but its hard to see with the transparent ruler.  Matt thinks there was 3/4" of ice on his car.  The picture we took is of the thinnest pieces of ice on the car.

I took this picture this evening to show the shininess that is our street and yard. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will be able to stay on my feet. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse - Day One

Day one of the Snowpocalypse is almost over and we have survived.  Matt and I took a few pictures to document Snowpocalypse.

This guy has been hanging out all day and enjoying the free food.

Our view from the back window.

Don't tell Matt but there is an intruder on the bird feeder.  Just kidding, Matt already knows as he took this picture.

Check out all the ice!

I feel like he is looking right at me.


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