Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hedbanz Game

Daulton got the Hedbanz Game for Christmas and we have had a blast playing it ever since.  Everyone wears a headband with a card on the front.  You do not look at your card, but everyone else can see it.  During your turn you ask the other players yes/no questions to help you figure out what is on your card.  You can ask questions like:

Am I am animal?
Do I have four legs?
Do I live on a farm?

You have to think quickly and remember the answers to the questions you've already asked.  It has been fun to watch Daulton figure out what questions to ask and to learn how to ask better questions.  Matt figures out what his card is the fastest while Daulton and I are most likely to ask repeat questions because we have forgotten what we've already asked.

We've also played this with Daulton's grandparents and we played it with my siblings and cousins during a Christmas celebration.  I wasn't sure that everyone would enjoy it but they did and I know it will be a game we play for years to come.

Even Dixie played a round with us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yoga Time With Daulton and Dixie

I am trying to incorporate more exercise into my days and I've decided the best time to do this is right when I get home from work.  Exercise also helps me de-stress from my day and if I feel a little better about myself afterwards, so be it.  Sometimes I can talk Daulton into doing it with me so we both get a little exercise.

On Monday I asked Daulton if he wanted to do yoga with me.  Before I could get the entire question out he was already changing into comfy clothes and had pulled his mat (technically one of my old ones) out and was unrolling it.  There's nothing like an enthusiastic partner to exercise with.  So I put in my Power Yoga DVD and got ready to do some yoga.

The rest of our 30 minute yoga experience went something like this:

1 minute into the program, the first forward bend happens.  Dixie thinks we are bending over to pet her and is immediately in our faces.

2 minutes:  First plank, upward dog and downward dog positions occur.  Dixie is now going back and forth between our faces seeing who will give in and pet her first.

5 minutes:  Dixie is now laying in between the front of our mats where she can maybe get petted during the forward bends.

8 minutes:  Daulton just farted.

10 minutes.  Daulton is grunting and breathing heavily.  Its distracting and not very zen like.

11 minutes.  Daulton has now fallen over and is moaning.  Dixie rushed to his side in case he wanted to pet her to make himself feel better.

15 minutes:  Daulton still moaning on the floor.  I ask him what's wrong and he said, "when I fell over my bone popped".  He then moves to the couch to recover from his yoga induced injury.  Dixie is now next to the couch comforting Daulton and hoping to get petted.

20 minutes:  We are now into the stretching portion of the workout.  Daulton has recovered enough from his injury to participate.  These exercise are also done on the floor, which means a new opportunity for Dixie to get in our faces and seek attention.

21 minutes:  I try to correct Daulton's stretching form.  He disagrees with my comments and proceeds to do what he wants.  I give up and go back to focusing on what I am doing.

22 minutes:  Daulton has stopped stretching and is staring at the yoga instructor on the TV.  He then says, "That guy looks dead."  The yoga instructor is not dead but is incredibly flexible, something Daulton and I hope to accomplish.

23 minutes:  We are both giggling at Daulton's dead man comment.

25 minutes:  The relaxation portion has begun.  This is my absolute most favorite part of yoga and have even fallen asleep during this part because I get so relaxed.  This did not happen for me on Monday.

25 minutes 30 seconds:  Dixie's wet nose on my hand causes me to jump and breaks my relaxation.

26 minutes:  Dixie is now in Daulton's face and he again comments "That guy looks dead" about the yoga instructor we are following.  I give Daulton credit, the pose we were in is called corpse pose.

26 minutes 30 seconds:  Dixie is back at my mat and is now rooting her nose under my relaxed hand in an attempt to get me to pet her.  This results in her lifting my hand and then dropping it when I don't start immediately petting her.  And the wet, cold nose is not helping either.

27 minutes:  Daulton has given up on relaxing and is now very concerned that I don't look "dead enough" like the yoga instructor.  He the proceeds to reposition my arms in a more dead-like pose. 

29 minutes:  The instructor is already sitting back up and the session is almost over.  I decide to lay there for just a few more minutes to relax until I feel someone staring at me.  I open my eyes and Daulton is staring at me with a look that I interpret to mean "aren't you going to sit up like the dead guy on TV?".  I give up on relaxation and sit up to finish the session.

30 minute:  The session is over, the mats are rolled up and put away, and our yoga experience is over. 

It wasn't the most relaxing session I've ever had but it was fun.  It's always funny to watch Daulton and while he hasn't quite mastered the art of quiet breathing, he is getting better and has learned how to do the poses.  And I know he won't always want to do yoga with me and he's already pretty close to running faster than me, so our days of exercising together and me not embarrassing myself too much are limited.  So, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dixie

Dixie turned 4 on Saturday, January 8.  This also marks the 2 year anniversary of her coming to live with us.  Dixie was only supposed to stay a day or two with us but she was too cute to turn away and 2 years later we are still happy to have her with us.  She makes us laugh and has recently started to play which is very fun to watch.  (Have you ever heard of a dog who didn't know how to play?)

The plan was to get her a new dog bed for the living room but we haven't found the one we like yet.  So instead she got a special dinner of roasted turkey medley with peas, carrots, rice and barley.  We also sang her happy birthday and she got a special jumbone for dessert.

Dixie is pretty spoiled.  She gets her own pancake when we make pancakes and frequently gets our leftovers.  She has her own couch, sleeps in our beds, and gets more affection than I ever thought a dog would require.  But we wouldn't trade her for any other dog!

Please note the Silly Putty holding up the candle.

The birthday girl!!

Dixie enjoying her jumbone!


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