Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mitch & Judy Proctor Vow Renewal

Alison's parents, Mitch and Judy, also celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary while we were in Las Vegas.  They renewed their vows at Graceland Wedding Chapel and an Elvis impersonator presided over the ceremony.  Oh, and Jon Bon Jovi was also married there!

Matt and I were invited and we were very excited to be a part of their ceremony.  Mitch & Judy make it look easy to be married that long but as Mitch says, "it takes work to make a marriage look easy". 

The happy couple have arrived!

The happy couple after the ceremony.  We weren't allowed (or should I say supposed to) take pictures during the ceremony.  But if I can get the link to the pictures I will post it here.  Words cannot express how awesome the Elvis was.

The Proctor family, from left to right, Craig, Judy, Mitch & Alison.

The next ones to get married...Alison & Greg!!!


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