Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Animals Gone Wild

Matt and I were discussing the exotic animals on the loose in Ohio tonight while he was making dinner (I was drinking a glass of wine if you need a visual).  And it reminded me that I've never told you about our Rocky sighting this summer (unless you follow me on Facebook, then you probably already know this).

Daulton and I have had two Rocky the Racoon sightings since we released him.  We were taking Dixie for her daily walk and Daulton sweet talked me into going to the playground.  Daulton was busy working on his monkey bar technique when Dixie dragged me over to check out the storm drain.  (I know she looks and acts like a big baby, and she is, but she is also incredibly strong when she wants to be.)

You can imagine my surprise when I hear something hissing at us and then see the shadows move.  I admit, I had a moment of panic until I remembered there was a heavy steel grate between us.  Daulton ran over and together we confirmed that it was our raccoon.

Just like when we discovered the raccoon missing, we hauled ass home to tell Matt what we had found.  Once Daulton was out of earshot, I shared with Matt how disappointed I was that Rocky had chosen to live in a storm drain.  I thought we raised him (or her) better than that.

The next time we went to the park, I took the camera and this was the best picture I could get.  I know my camera has settings that I can manipulate, but I have no idea how to use them.

Do you see the raccoon nose? 

We haven't had any raccoon sightings since, but we do have a rabbit living in the evergreen tree in the front yard and chipmunks in the back, so Dixie has been a hot mess.  And after reading about what's going on in Ohio, I cannot imagine how she (or I) would react with a tiger in the backyard.  (In case you are wondering, Matt would be locked and loaded and out the door hunting exotic animals and not frozen in fear as Dixie and I would be.)

And while we are talking about raccoons, this All State commercial is even funnier once you've had a raccoon living in your garage.



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