Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Worm

During a commercial break during Glee tonight, Daulton wanted to show us that he could do the worm.  (The worm is a dance move that looks like it sounds.  Look it up on YouTube if you need a visual.)  After finishing the worm, he then told us he was practicing it today during computer class.

Matt & me:  What?

You were doing the worm during computer class?

Where was your teacher?

Daulton:  I don't know.

Matt & me:  Do you think doing the worm during computer class was the right choice?

Daulton:  Probably not.

Matt & me:  Okay, no more doing the worm during computer class.  And by the way, that was a pretty good worm.

Daulton:  Thanks.

The end.


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