Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

You are the one who gets everyone out the door in the morning when we would rather stay in bed.

You know when to let us sleep just a few more minutes (or hours) when we need it.

You make our hurts better and make us laugh when we would rather cry.

You are our Chief Transportation Officer and ensure we get to where we are going in one piece and on time.

You keep us well fed and always smiling after our home cooked meals.

You taught us how good venison is when prepared correctly. 

You showed us how to play cornhole and how to love the game.

You are our editor-in-chief when it is time to do homework or write a new post for our blogs.

You know when I need wine and have a glass poured by the time I get home.

You are the Fashion Director and make sure everyone is looking presentable in public.

You give us the push we need to do better when we need it.

You are the carrier and lifter of all heavy stuff. 

You play football with Daulton every night, go to every game, and can remember every play of every game Daulton has played.

You are good at kicking the football to Daulton.  (added by Daulton)

Happy Birthday Matt!!  Daulton, Dixie and I love you very much!


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