Sunday, October 3, 2010

The End of an Era

I am a little behind in my blogging so this post is a little late.  Better late then never right?

This summer Matt played in a softball league with some friends.  He was an excellent baseball player in high school and played on several championship softball teams several years ago.  When Matt and I first started dating I used to go to his softball games and I loved watching him play.  I also thought he was really cute in his baseball pants!

So when Matt told Daulton and I he was going joining a softball league this summer, Daulton and I were very excited to watch him play.  Later in the season I had to play a few games, which I wasn't thrilled about but I did it.  (I apparently am still harboring resentment from being forced to play softball as a child, but we will save my issues for another day.) 

During Matt's last game of the season he hit it out of the park.  Daulton and I were so excited for him and loudly cheered for him from the stands.  On our walk to the car, I spotted the ball lying in the grass and sent Daulton out to get it.  Matt could have cared less about it but Daulton and I wanted it as a souvenir.  Its a good thing we grabbed it because when we got home, Matt declared he was retiring from softball and this was his last game. 

It was fun watching Matt play this summer and I am sure there will be some family ball games in the future.  (We won't be using real softballs due to an incident two weeks before school started and Daulton caught a ball with his face.  It was thrown by yours truly.  We have not played catch since but if we do, the new rule is to use tennis balls which do not leave bruises.) 

If Matt ever decides to come out of retirement, his two biggest fans will be there! 


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