Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flag Football 2010

Daulton played flag football this year and had a great season.  He played well offensively and defensively and was the top scorer on his team.  We are now living, breathing, and talking constantly about football and our evenings are spent playing football in the evenings.  Matt is happy to have someone to watch football with that actually pays attention and I am happy that Daulton has found something he is passionate about!

The proud football dad!!

The picture below does not capture the look of fear and panic on the opponent's face.  Daulton's a pretty tough player and many a kid was knocked down if they were in his path.  Before every play Daulton would stare at the kid across the line.  I think they found it intimidating.

We are very proud of Daulton and I know we will be spending many Saturdays in the future on the sidelines being his loudest cheerleaders and strongest supporters!

Side Note:  I am also looking for good lawn chair recommendations and will be asking Santa for a new stadium seat (with a back) for Christmas.  I see lots of time in the bleachers in the future and I want to be comfortable.



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