Monday, March 11, 2013

Almost Halfway & A Bowling Date

I've been pretty quiet on the blog lately.  I'm either busy in the evenings or too tired to think of anything clever to say.  But I also know one day I will want to remember this time, so I had better write it down before I forget it.

I had my 18-20 week appointment last week and Baby B and I are doing well.  The ultrasound went well and everything is where it should be and he/she is growing.  We still don't know the gender and are still very happy with our decision to wait.  I think I'm feeling some movement but its not consistent enough for me to be sure.  I'm sure I will feel more in the next few weeks.

I'm craving grapes right now and I ate almost 3 pounds in 3 days last week.  We picked up more today and I'm putting a pretty good dent in this batch.  In addition to the grapes, I'm craving yogurt and fruit.  I haven't had any strange food cravings or significant increase in appetite.  Matt and I are both a little surprised I haven't had more cravings.  But I also wouldn't turn down a box of Tagalongs (the Girl Scout cookies) if anyone has any extra boxes!

I've also started wearing maternity pants, which are amazing!  Why do we not wear elastic pants all the time?

Matt, Daulton, and I had a great weekend together.  We watched a basketball game on Friday night and went bowling on Saturday night.  The bowling alley was packed so we had to make do with shoes that didn't really fit the guys and whatever bowling balls we could find.

Please take a moment to admire the final score.  I didn't win the first game but I smoked the boys during the second game.

In the picture below, you can see my handiwork with Daulton's shoes on the right.  His laces were too long so I had to get creative.  I think they make bowling shoes that ugly so no one will steal them.

He talked us into putting up the bumpers for the second game.  They definitely helped out my score.

We are ready for some warmer weather and for baseball to start!



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