Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pregnancy Observations

I'm officially at the halfway mark with my pregnancy and I've made a few observations after being pregnant for 20 weeks.

Pants - Maternity pants are my friend right now.  I feel like I've been wearing the wrong pants for years!  Elastic waist bands are amazing and so comfortable.  Trying to fit into non-maternity pants was a game of Russian roulette.  Sometimes the pants would fit and sometimes they wouldn't.  I tried the rubber bands and a belly band but neither were very comfortable.

Naps - Let's be honest, I've always loved naps.  So naps while pregnant are even more amazing.

Ginger Ale & Tums - Ginger ale is a magical drink that I survived on during the first trimester.  Now I don't have nausea but I am starting to get heartburn, so Tums are my new magic tricks.

The bump - After we announced that I was pregnant, I felt like everyone started staring at my stomach. I get it, the baby bump is an outward sign that you are pregnant.  But it felt like everyone was waiting for me to get fat.  I could also have been sensitive because I was in the awkward "I just feel pudgy but there's no baby bump" stage.  Which leads me to...

The pregnancy glow - I think the pregnancy glow is Mother Nature's trick to distract you from the nausea, bloating, gas, constipation, fatigue, and overall feeling of chubbiness.  The more you compliment me on my pregnancy glow, the less likely I am to notice you checking out my bump.

Hopefully the next 20 weeks go as well as the first 20!


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