Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, Matt and I were married.

A year ago today, I officially became a step-mom.

A year ago today, I got ready for my wedding day with these lovely ladies. 

A year ago today, I remember being excited and anxious to see Matt.

A year ago today, I remembered it rained on our wedding day and I could have cared less.

A year ago today, I remember thinking "a girl could get used to this".

A year ago today my parents threw Matt and I a fun and wonderful wedding.  My mom is smiling because the wedding day was beautiful and all of her hard work paid off.  My dad is smiling because he doesn't have to write anymore checks.

A year ago today, everyone at our reception was on the dance floor for the YMCA.

A year ago today, there was some serious booty shaking going on.

A year ago today, we were surrounded by our family and friends as Matt and I got married.  It was a wonderful day and the perfect way to start off our marriage. 


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