Monday, April 11, 2011

A Weekend in Lexington

I spent this past weekend in Lexington, KY visiting my sister and her husband with my mom and family friend Beth.  We arrived on Friday night and had dinner at Onizum's and it was delicious.  Bottles of wine were half priced which of course sealed the deal for me.  The food and company were great and it was nice enough we could sit outside.

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market.  My mom and Beth work in food service and if they aren't working with food, they are talking about food.  They stopped at every booth and bought some spinach and onions.  After the farmer's market, we took a trip out to Irish Acres to check out the antiques and have lunch at The Glitz.

The Glitz is the restaurant in the basement of the school house turned into an antique store.  Its a perfect place for ladies who lunch and the food is great.  There is only one problem, it looks like it was decorated by demented fairies.

The picture on the left does little justice to the decor but you get the hint.

My favorite part of the decor is this fantastic 80's lady riding a horse.  The best part of this painting was the lady in the lower right corner has a strong resemblance to the lady in the painting.

Demented fairies are at work here.

After lunch, we walked around Irish Acres and checked out the antiques.

I feel like someone is watching me.  The dolls were everywhere.

This bedroom suite could be yours for $48,500.  And yes, the comma is in the right
place and that is the correct amount of zeros.

There is my sister Laura showing off one of the antiques.

Why is the dog/horse/whatever so small in the corner of this picture?

After Irish Acres, The Glitz and a quick trip to the garden and home show we went to the Lexington Cemetery.  I know, a trip to the cemetery sounded creepy to me too but the tulips we saw were worth it.  If we would have visited a week later, we would have missed the opportunity to see the tulips in full bloom.

My sister, me and my mom

It was a good weekend and the weather was beautiful.  It was also great to see my sister and to catch up.  It always amazes me how different Lexington feels compared to Indianapolis.  It has a southern charm to it and things are a bit slower (or at least they feel that way to me).  Its not good or bad, just different and sometimes different is nice.


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