Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Scenes

Spring has definitely sprung at our house and we are loving it.  The windows are open, flowers are blooming, and the wildlife has been out and about.

Can you spot the rabbit?

There he is.

The mama duck is out with her babies.  I originally called them chicks but my editor, Matt, corrected me that this duck did not adopt baby chickens.  He also reminded me the proper nomenclature is ducklings.

The rabbit is back.  If this rabbit is going to be around for a while, I think he or she will need a name.

My daffodils and tulips were beautiful.  Well worth all the hard work last fall to get them planted.

Seeing the tulips in my garden makes me happy.  Its a sign that spring is here and its time to put away the winter coats and break out the flip-flops and shorts.

Some days it looks like we live on a swamp.

And I've had the song "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" stuck in my head.  I wonder why?

Spring is here and we have been spending time at the baseball diamonds, riding bikes, and enjoying walks around the neighborhood.  I also know spring is here because I got Matt's car stuck in the mud at the baseball park and have been wearing my pink rain boots to baseball games.  Its a good thing I'm cute enough to get away with both.



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