Monday, November 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Dear Mazda 6,

I am so sorry I had to say goodbye to you and that I ugly cried in front of you and the salesmen at the car lot.  I know you will say that it wasn't that ugly, but I caught a glimpse of myself in the new car's window and I know I was a hot mess.  You were the first car I picked out, negotiated for, made every payment for and I took pretty good care of you for 7 years.  I am sorry we had to part ways but I have a family to think of and our relationship has run its course.  It was time for us to part ways.

I will always remember you fondly.  Some of my favorite memories are of driving you with the windows down and music tuned up, usually rocking some 80s or whatever popular hip hop song at the time.  You were my first major purchase and you symbolized that I was an adult and free to do whatever I wanted.  I drove around looking for my first house with you and once I found it, you helped me move in.  You hauled my friends and I around town and no one heats up my seat like you do.  

I got you stuck in the mud once at the old St. Malachy in Brownsburg and I had covered us both in mud by the time we got home.  I didn't attend mass that evening because I was trying to get you unstuck before mass ended and someone would see what I had done.  After 15 minutes of rocking and a lot of swearing on my part, I prayed aloud to God, "God, I am getting out of this mess with or without you but it would be nice if it was with you".  You were unstuck on the next try and I prayed the entire ride home.  Do you remember the look on the guys face at Mike's car wash when we got you cleaned off?  I always wondered what he thought of us.

You were driven by my roommate one St. Patrick's day, where I am told I met a friend of my roommate's named Matt.  I have little recollection of that meeting (my Irish heritage dictates I celebrate St. Patrick's day to the fullest) but I do remember spending time with a guy named Matt and his adorable son Daulton the next day.  It was the same Matt that I would meet several times over the next few months and would then become friends with.  Our friendship turned to romance and then you became our family car.

You were the car that drove my husband and step-son to the church and you drove us away from that same church as husband and wife and an official family.  

We've had some good times together and I would have liked to keep you longer, but things just didn't work out that way.  I know you will find a new owner, and I hope she's a young, single woman who will take good care of you like I have.  As I drove off the lot without you, I told Matt that if felt like I was leaving a child behind.  (I also didn't want to take a picture of the new car in front of you, but I think that was more of a result of the stress of car shopping all day, no snacks, and riding an emotional roller coaster which had me vomiting emotions at every turn.)

Thanks for the good times and you took care of me until the end.  Because of you I was able to get a newer, more spacious vehicle for my family and for that I will be eternally grateful.



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