Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elementary School Carnivals Are Like Zoos

I recently had the pleasure of going to Daulton's school carnival.  Matt makes the school runs and does the class parties and field trips.  He sees Daulton in the school setting more than I do so I was very excited to go to the carnival and be a part of Daulton's school experience.

We are also frequent visitors to the Indianapolis Zoo and I could not help but notice how quickly the elementary school carnival resembled the zoo.
  • Bounce houses are like cages for the wild and crazy kids.  They go into the cage resembling a wild animal and after 10 minutes or so of bouncing, they come out resembling your child again.
  • Tickets are like rewards for good behavior.  Animal trainers use food rewards to train animals to do tricks and it works on kids too.  Kids that behave, get tickets.  Kids that step out of line don't get tickets and instead have to watch the good kids get tickets and play games.
  • Everyone cheers when you win a game similar to cheering for an animal that does a trick. 
  • Kids run in packs like wolves.  If you aren't part of the pack, you don't really matter.  And good luck cutting your kid from the herd.  I would suggest dangling some tickets in front of his face and he will come a-running.
  • Its important to remember that like wild animals, elementary school children can turn on you in an instant.  They can go from sweet, happy children to screaming, tantrum throwing monsters with no warning or cause.  Have an exit strategy in place should you find yourself in this situation.
  • Some animals are cuter than others.  I am not saying your kid is ugly, but sometimes the way he or she acts can be.  There is a reason why people stop to watch the dolphins and quickly walk past the warthogs. 
Observing Daulton in "the wild" was interesting and entertaining.  Its also comforting to watch your kid when he doesn't know he is being watched and to see he is good, kind friend. 



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