Monday, March 14, 2011

Does Something Look Different?

Big news here!  Daulton pulled out his first tooth last week.  It had been loose for about 2 weeks and finally, last week we convinced him to pull it out.  He had been trying for about 30 minutes and finally, when Matt and I both looked away for a moment he yelled "Its out!" and showed us his tooth. 

He lost his top, front tooth around the age of 1 so technically this is the 2nd tooth he has lost. 

The tooth fairy also stopped by and left some money and a note.  The note said she would be taking the tooth and throwing it up in the sky to make a new star.  Daulton was very excited that she came by and that he would have a star up in the sky!

My apologies for the super close picture.  We had some issues getting a decent picture and this is the best shot we have. 

Hard to believe he is old enough to be losing teeth and will turn 7 later this month!



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