Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hedbanz Game

Daulton got the Hedbanz Game for Christmas and we have had a blast playing it ever since.  Everyone wears a headband with a card on the front.  You do not look at your card, but everyone else can see it.  During your turn you ask the other players yes/no questions to help you figure out what is on your card.  You can ask questions like:

Am I am animal?
Do I have four legs?
Do I live on a farm?

You have to think quickly and remember the answers to the questions you've already asked.  It has been fun to watch Daulton figure out what questions to ask and to learn how to ask better questions.  Matt figures out what his card is the fastest while Daulton and I are most likely to ask repeat questions because we have forgotten what we've already asked.

We've also played this with Daulton's grandparents and we played it with my siblings and cousins during a Christmas celebration.  I wasn't sure that everyone would enjoy it but they did and I know it will be a game we play for years to come.

Even Dixie played a round with us.


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