Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dixie

Dixie turned 4 on Saturday, January 8.  This also marks the 2 year anniversary of her coming to live with us.  Dixie was only supposed to stay a day or two with us but she was too cute to turn away and 2 years later we are still happy to have her with us.  She makes us laugh and has recently started to play which is very fun to watch.  (Have you ever heard of a dog who didn't know how to play?)

The plan was to get her a new dog bed for the living room but we haven't found the one we like yet.  So instead she got a special dinner of roasted turkey medley with peas, carrots, rice and barley.  We also sang her happy birthday and she got a special jumbone for dessert.

Dixie is pretty spoiled.  She gets her own pancake when we make pancakes and frequently gets our leftovers.  She has her own couch, sleeps in our beds, and gets more affection than I ever thought a dog would require.  But we wouldn't trade her for any other dog!

Please note the Silly Putty holding up the candle.

The birthday girl!!

Dixie enjoying her jumbone!


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