Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Aquarium Trip

After we checked into our hotel, we drove to Gatlinburg and decided to check out Ripley's Aquarium.  We bought our tickets and started checking out all the fish.  We really enjoyed the aquarium and checking out the different kinds of fish.  Matt even bought us a souvenir photo, something I really appreciate as I always forget to have us take family pictures!

There was a huge tank filled with sharks, sting rays, and other fish I can't name.  There was a tunnel with a moving walk way so you can see how big the sharks are up close.  The sharks were huge and I couldn't stop staring at the saw sharks, they were just so strange looking.

The tunnel was great to go through but impossible for me to photograph, stare at the fish, and keep my balance on the moving walk way.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Matt and Daulton from the aquarium.  They both had the same fascination with the jelly fish.

The aquarium had great spots for kids to get in the exhibits.  Its hard to see it in this picture but Daulton is making a funny face as the penguins were passing by him.  If you are reading this in the browser, click on the picture to see it larger.

Watch out for the penguin photo bomber!!

Matt was brave enough to pick up a horseshoe crab.  Daulton and I were not.  Matt and Daulton also got to pet the stingrays.  I did not as I was in the bathroom.  (Being five months pregnant and on vacation meant stopping at every bathroom I saw.)

Daulton found Nemo!

After the aquarium, we headed back to the hotel to let Daulton swim for a few hours and then we headed out for pizza for dinner.  By the time we got back to the hotel we were all pretty tired from the drive, aquarium, walking, and swimming.

Speaking of hotel pools, why are they so loud?  Is it the bad acoustics or the fact that every small child in the pool is constantly shrieking with joy?  I mistakenly thought reading by the pool would be relaxing but Daulton thought it was fantastic and that's what counts.



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