Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Olympic Sized Obsession

To say that my family is obsessed with sports is a massive understatement.  I knew Matt and Daulton were sports nuts but I didn't count myself in that category until the Olympics started on Friday night.  Its official, I'm obsessed with the Olympics (and Ryan Lochte).  Right now we are watching swimming.  Earlier today and yesterday we've watched:
  • Soccer - Men's & Women's (I cannot remember that the rest of the world calls it football.)
  • Beach Volleyball - Men's & Women's
  • Women's Table Tennis
  • Archery - Men's & Women's
  • Basketball - Men's & Women's
  • Gymnastics - Men's & Women's
  • Women's Skeet Shooting
  • Men's Volleyball
  • Women's Synchronized Diving
  • Cycling - Men's & Women's
  • Women's Tennis
  • Women's Field Hockey
  • Men's Boxing
  • Women's Rowing
  • Women's Fencing
Sports we want to watch:
  • Handball
  • Judo
  • Trampoline
  • Wrestling 
  • Weightlifting
  • Track & Field
  • Canoeing
So basically what I'm saying is if its an Olympic sport, we will watch it.

I am also obsessed with the medal count.  Right now China has 12 medals and USA is in second with 11.  Get it together USA!!

We even did some decorating of the fireplace and had fish & chips and onion & chicken rings during the opening ceremony.

Dixie gets the gold medal for cuteness.

Random Abby & Matt couple fact:  We both were vacationing with our families in Myrtle Beach during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and we both were staying up late and watched the Kerri Strug vault.  I think its a sign we were destined to watch many, many future summer Olympics together.

Go Team USA!



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