Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweetest. Kid. Ever.

Yes, I am biased.  But I really think Daulton is the sweetest kid ever.  He has an uncanny ability to know when you need a little extra loving.  A few weeks ago he wrote these notes for Matt and I.  He even personalized our notes to what we liked the most.  I received my note as I came home from a crappy day at work and it was just what I needed.  (He didn't add the white numbers, I did.  Just to be clear.)

#1 - Is a picture of Daulton.

#2 - Is a baseball bat with Red Sox written on it.  The Red Sox are Matt and Daulton's favorite team.

#3 - This is a picture of me and my Nook. 

#4 - Another picture of Daulton to go with my note.

He loves to color pictures for people and write them notes.  Now that he knows where the envelopes and stamps are kept, we have been mailing a lot more pictures and notes out to people.  I have pretty much given up keeping him out of the printer paper.  And, since all he wants to do is draw, color and write notes to the people he loves, going through printer paper a little faster than usual really isn't that big of a deal.


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