Saturday, August 7, 2010

Furminator + Dixie = Giant Hairball

Dixie joined our family around Christmas 2008. She was originally a gift for Matt's grandma but after a few days together, we decided that Dixie and grandma weren't a good fit for each other. Matt and I picked her up and after a few hours, we decided that unless Dixie and Daulton didn't get along that we were going to keep her. 

After a few months together, we realized we had an issue. While adorable, Dixie sheds a lot. So after trying a conventional dog brush, a late night infomercial for the Furminator caught my attention. We looked into buying one from PetSmart, but that was more money than I wanted to spend. Matt found one on eBay and Dixie and I have been hooked on it every since.

Usually, I brush her outside where the hair is outside of my house instead of inside. However, I can't get her to lie down on the concrete or grass to do her belly, so sometimes I brush her inside. I brushed her his morning and this is the result.

getting Furminated makes me smile


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