Monday, July 19, 2010


We finally made it to the Indianapolis Zoo to see the new cheetah exhibit.  The cheetahs were fascinating and I couldn't believe how skinny they are.  Must be all that running!  (Sorry, I know its a bad joke and I don't care.)

This is the second trip to the zoo since we have had our zoo pass and every time we go to the zoo it rains.  We went on Sunday and it was pretty humid when we got there.  It was also overcast but we thought the rain would hold off.  We were wrong.  About 10 minutes after we got through the gates it started to sprinkle and then pour.  Daulton went through the splash park and we figured there was no harm, we were already a little wet.  The rain started to let up and we decided to proceed to the cheetah exhibit. 

We were able to see the entire safari exhibit.  The boys were inside the penguin ride when it started to rain again.  As soon as the boys stepped out of the ride it started to downpour.  We tried to wait it out under some trees but after about 10 minutes we decided we had enough.  One more stop for Daulton at the splash park and we were back in the car.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Can you see the cheetah?

Here kitty, kitty...

The male cheetahs are kept separate from the female cheetahs in the pictures in the previous pictures.  They were much lazier than the female cheetahs.  Also, the three females are sisters and the two males are brothers.

The Guinea baboons are another favorite of ours.  We could watch them interact with each other for hours, well maybe not hours, but they are pretty entertaining.

The bat ear foxes are also new to the zoo and were so cute. 

Even though we were drenched by the end, we had a great trip.  And hopefully one day we can go to the zoo without the rain!


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